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CU Leadership

The Carlfield University Leadership is CU’s governing board and are elected by CU alumni every three of the nine trustees, and CU’s governor appoints the other six, including one student. The board meets six times a year, and meetings are open to the public, students, alumni, faculty, staff and all stake holders.


Dr. Edward Miller

Governor, Carlfield University

Ph.D. - University of Florida (1995)
M Phil - University Of Nevada (1992)
MBA - University of Florida (1985)
M.A Phil - Carlfiled University (1982)

Email: governor@carlfielduniversity.com
Fax: 1855-362-4433
Phone: 1855-362-4433
Ext: 8601


  • Abravanel, Maurice


  • Albom, Mitch

    Vice President

  • Allen, David Robert

    Vice Chancellor

  • Allen, Ellinwood


  • Anderson, A. Scott

    Head Of Examination

  • Angleman, Winfield

    Head of Enrollment

  • Ashby, Eric

    Program Head

  • Ashton, Alan C

    Program Head

  • Ashton, Marvin J

    Program Head

Board of Trustees

  • Atiya, Aziz

    Public Office Holder

  • Atiya, Lola M

    Public Office Holder

  • Babcock, May

    Public Office Holder

  • Bachauer, Gina


  • Backman, Pollard


  • Bailey, William

    Public Office Holder

  • Baldwin, Clinton


  • Bamberger, Clarence


  • Bamberger, Ernest



  • Bangerter, Norman H.

    Admin Director

  • Beatty, Theodore Bruce

    Program Director

  • Beeley, Arthur Lawton

    Head of Admissions

  • Bell, Terrel H

    Head Of Examinations

  • Bennett, Virginia Tanner

    Faculty Head

  • Karen, Wallace F.

    Head Of Student Affairs

  • Bennett, Robert F

    Director PR

  • Bennion, Adam

    Head of Int’l Students

  • John, Lowell L

    Director Scholarships

Scholarship Grants for Students in

Carlfield University offers scholarships, on merit and need basis, for up to 75% of tuition fee for any program of your choice. Leave financial constraints behind and get started with Carlfield University.

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