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Being committed to its mission, Carlfield University supports a wide variety of scholarships to the deserving interested students around the world, in order to enroll talented students and nurture them with skills which are unparalleled in the corporate world. Carlfield University does not restrict itself to any specific criteria for the award of scholarship rather offers multiple sorts of scholarship to facilitate the students to make the maximum utilization of the offers made by Carlfield University. If any of the aspirants is interested to be considered for the award of scholarship, he should not be hesitant and immediately apply before the offer expires. We have number of scholarships to the interested students in .

Competitive Scholarships

  • 1Muslim and other Countries Scholarships
  • 2Scholarships for Academic Excellence
  • 3Outstanding Performance Scholarship
  • 4CU Honors Program Scholarship
  • 5State Funded Scholarships
  • 6Employer Funded Scholarships
  • 7Non-Competitive Scholarships for GCC Students

Scholarships for Gulf region

  • 1GCC Certificate Scholarships
  • 2GCC National's Scholarships

Other Scholarships

College of Education Diploma Scholarships

Short Scholarships for the Arabic Program for Non-Native Program

Scholarship Programs

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Scholarships offered by Carlfield University are meant to enable you to achieve your career goals and contribute towards the society. You can apply for the scholarship program at the time of enrollment. We ensure the sustain continuation of scholarship, grants, financial aids and other possible means of assistance to our enrolled students around the world. We ensure the minimum amount you pay reap the maximum return in your professional career.

Are you eligible for a Scholarship? Find Out, now The fast-tracked, transparent and reliable procedure for the award of scholarship requires the application of serious interested candidates. Fill out the online application now and invest towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

Scholarship Grants for Students in

Carlfield University offers scholarships, on merit and need basis, for up to 75% of tuition fee for any program of your choice. Leave financial constraints behind and get started with Carlfield University.

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